“Immigrants hold a unique position in how America understands itself. We take great pride in our history as a nation founded, enriched, and transformed by immigrants… Through their hard work, perseverance, and ingenuity they established the foundations of many of our current values, cultural practices, and governmental  institutions.” – Luis Ricardo Fraga

The Tri-Cities Immigrant Coalition is a non-partisan community-based group working to build trust and understanding within our community about immigration issues through community education, engagement, advocacy, and immigrant support.

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About us

The Tri-Cities Immigrant Coalition (TCIC) was formed in the summer of 2017. The gathering was spearheaded by the Shalom United Church of Christ Missions and Social Actions Committee. A diverse group of over 60 people from all faiths, professions, and walks of life came together with the goal of assisting immigrants and refugees in the Tri-Cities area.

Our Objectives:

“We believe every immigrant and refugee has inherent dignity and human rights. They should be able to live in safety, live without fear, and have access to basic necessities and opportunities.”